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Plus size belts

Tips on Buying Plus Size Belts

For those who have extended waistlines it is hard task for them to find plus size belts to match their waist size.

Recent study has shown that many people’s waist size has increased and the number of people looking for plus size belts is increasing all the time.  Even though designers are responding to this demand it is still not easy to find  ideal plus size belts to fit the sizes of plus size people.

However when shopping for plus size belts, you have to take a number of factors into consideration or you will end up buying a belt that is either too short for your waist or too long. People get it wrong when determining their waist size.  The trick is you should leave an allowance of a maximum two inches on the measurement for the right plus size belts the will fit you. For example if your trouser waist size is 34 then the appropriate plus size belts should be at most two inches longer. Another point to consider when choosing plus size belts is the thickness of the belts. If the plus size belts are very thick chances are they will not pass through the belt straps of your jeans or trouser. An interesting fact that people do not pay attention to is the fact that the length of plus size belts does not include the buckle.  Therefore, you might end up buying plus size belts that are an inch smaller. Therefore, it is advisable to measure the length up to the hole that you normally use for other belts.

How to Wear Plus Size Belts

Traditionally plus size belts were worn around the waist to help on holding loose fitting clothes such as dresses and trousers, today plus size belts are being worn differently for example they can be worn around the hips or on the bust line for style. The location as to where you will wear your plus size belts is Plus size beltsdetermined by the type of belt that you have. Skinny plus size belts are ideal for pretty dresses and they are specifically worn around the waist or hip area therefore making you look dazzling. Plus size belts can also be mixed with an array of clothing such as high waisted trousers, day dresses and this will give you a polished look and feel stylish. For plus size belts that are worn below the bust they have to thin and not have flashy colors.

Plus Size Belts That Will Make You Look Sexy

Many plus sized women feel that their bodies do not meet the criteria of being referred to as sexy.  This should not be the case especially in this era of plus size belts such as the garter belts. This belt is an example of plus size belts that is worn around the waist and it connects to fishnet stockings or the famous pantyhose. These belts are designed to accommodate any body size and they come in very many colors but many women opt for garter plus size belts that are black. The good thing about garter plus size belts is that they are all-around and can be worn for any occasion, be it weddings or cocktail parties to enhance a woman’s sex appeal.