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Plus Size Blazers

Stylish Plus Size Blazers for Women:  The fashion industry has come a long way in designing clothes, especially for plus size women, clothing that was strictly for men is slowly finding its way into women’s wardrobe. These include jeans, t-shirts and the most recent the plus size blazers.

Tips on How to Wear Men plus Size Blazers

The plus size blazers have become the common trend among many women as it makes them look stylish regardless of them being plus size. The reason for their popularity is that they can be worn with anything you can think of from jeans, skirt suit and leggings the plus size blazers are a perfect fit. For plus size women whose curves are very visible especially on the hips, the plus size blazers will help in making their hips look as if they are slimmer. The blazers come in a variety of designs, colors to choose from depending on your needs and the occasion.  Plus size blazersThe plus size blazers can be worn at anytime and anywhere and still make a plus size woman look fashionable. Some of the blazers that you can buy include the boyfriend blazer, which offers much more than the name suggests. This blazer comes into good use especially for plus size women who want to cover their upper body, it is also suitable for social events where you do not have to look formal.

Traditionally plus size blazers have been associated with men but not many of them not how to wear them and look trendy. There are many ways of that a man can wear plus size blazers and pull off a look that will make others admire you. One way that you can wear plus size blazers is by wearing it with a V-necked cardigan. This is brings out the classy, vintage touch and above all you will feel comfortable and be appealing to the eye. If you want a trendier look, you can wear the plus size blazers over a shirt probably stripped or plain depending on your taste. You can also try out matching the plus size blazers with you a pair of jeans preferably the straight cut jeans. These jeans are comfortable for plus sized men as it offers more room for mobility. For formal occasions such as interviews, you can wear the plus size blazers with a collared shirt and accessorize it with a tie.

Accessories For plus Size Blazers

For both men and women it is important to accessorize the plus size blazers to make statement, but you must be careful not to do too much. For women plus size blazers they can wear them with various kinds of necklaces either single or multiple necklaces. For men their style is much simple, as it does not take much to accessorize the plus size blazers. A nice watch and a bracelet silver or gold will do the trick. Scarves are accessories that can work well for both genders, dark colored scarves bring out that sophisticated look when wearing plus size blazers but for a less formal approach, you can opt for a variety of colors depending on which one you fancy.