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Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Plus Size Skinny Jeans Fashion Trend For 2012 And Beyond.  The fashion industry has seen tremendous changes over the past years, clothes that were popular in the previous decades are now making a comeback

Tips on How to Wear plus Size Skinny Jeans and Look Cool.

In the 1950’s the plus size skinny jeans were very popular then, guess what were are in the year 2012 and they are even more fashionable. The plus size skinny jeans are suitable for any body type although the name suggests otherwise, they even look good on women who have curves as it hugs the body in the right places. The Plus size skinny jeans are modified from another set of popular of jeans that was popular in the 1980’s the bell-bottom jeans. The plus size skinny jeans have become popular among plus size women because they can stretch to fit their bodies therefore they will not feel like they are squeezed. Some plus size skinny jeans are made with the latest fiber technology that enables one to lose weight and this is good news for those who want to shed extra weight. Do not let anyone put you down that skinny jeans will not look good on you, most celebrities are wearing plus size skinny jeans therefore you too can feel like a celebrity and look cool too.

Plus size skinny jeansYou have just bought a pair of Plus size skinny jeans but you do not know what to wear with it, do not stress about it as there are many ways you can look awesome in those jeans. For plus size women they should opt of plus size skinny jeans that are darker in color. When it comes to shoes to wear with the Plus size skinny jeans, high heels for example stilettos will work well for plus size women. For the upper body one should consider tops that will create a slim impression since the Plus size skinny jeans emphasizes on the curves. Hence, the top must cover the lower waist area and the sleeves should be loose to cover flabby arms. Another way that you can look marvelous while wearing the Plus size skinny jeans is choosing the appropriate hairstyle, it is advisable you choose a hairstyle that will make your face look slim.

Plus Size Skinny Jeans for Men

Many men are unwilling to be trendy for reasons best known to them hence, they end up wearing the same clothes for long time. The good news for plus size men is that they can too look trendy in the latest plus size skinny jeans. Although it is hard for men to pull off that look, it is not impossible it requires more effort and confidence. For men who want to wear plus size skinny jeans they should consider their groin area has enough room to breathe. If this area is not well aired it may lead to some discomfort therefore, they should ensure they plus size skinny jeans for their size. The shoes also play a major factor for men when wearing plus size skinny jeans, canvas shoes are ideal